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Just thought I'd let everyone know that my baby's going to be down for a while as I rebuild the entire front end on her. I bought the "Super Polygraphite" kit from PST yesterday and a rebuilt steering box from NPD today. They should both be here by the end of next week and hopefully it wont take me but a few days to tear apart and put back together. (knock on wood) It's needed it since I bought it but I recently received some extra motivation (last weekend) when I decided to fight with a median with my left front wheel! It's a long story but made short I ruined the heck out of my wheel and tire and knocked the alignment out of whack not to mention possibly bent a couple of key front end components?......sigh.....Anyhow the reason I'm telling everybody is because the parts that come off, and are still good, I'll keep in case anybody might want some original parts for their car? And secondly the parts I'm buying were at what I consider to be a great price and I'm told are top notch pieces from people who are in the buisness. So if anybody decides to go the same direction I'll be able to give some advice and opionions on what I've used and have done. ....I know, imagine that, Sean with an opinion!!!!....LOL

My wife says if I spend any more money on the Chevelle she\'s gonna leave me?..... I\'ll miss her :-)
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