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dreinecke 01-02-2005 10:22 AM

It is a 1972 2 door Malibu with the orginal inline 6 still in it (yes I know, an inline 6 no snickering allowed! ). I drove it back and forth to work for the entire year I was in Colorado and it never gave me a problem. It has a new master cylinder, new thermostat, new fuel pump and new plugs and wires and newer tires. It was running great when I left, but since then my dad has imformed me that the fuel line has gone bad somewhere. I am the third owner, the first owner had it for 28 years. It has a straight body, good trim and good glass . It does need some body work, and interior replaced. It comes with a trunk full of parts...dash board, lights, side mirrors, etc etc. Unfortunately I dont have any pictures of it, since I am here and my parents dont own a digital camera nor a computer, but there is a picture of it on the RMCC website. I really hate parting with this car and it is breaking my heart but I hope it will go to a good home. Its a good "starter" car and would make a great daily driver or a playtoy for the wife! I just wanted ya'll to know about it before I had my parents park it on the street.

Asking $3000. Contact Rebecca at: [email protected]

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