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CG70SS 08-19-2006 10:21 AM

I think you are suspose to just bring it along with any chances that you may have sold. I may not drive my car, because I may have to go directly to work from the meeting.

RTaylor692 08-19-2006 10:26 PM

What is everyone bringing as their covered dish. I was thinking of having Faith make a potato casserole. Speaking of Faith, is everyone bringing their better-halves? By better I mean the ones that put up with all of the Chevelle stuff...HEHE!!

rick 67 08-20-2006 06:07 AM

Ron , Amy is going as far as I know right now . I'm not sure what she's making yet .

DG 08-21-2006 07:06 AM

How did the meeting go? I did not get back from the Scout Canoe trip unitl after 4 pm?

RTaylor692 08-21-2006 08:24 AM

I am an idiot. I showed up at Jerry and Mary Ann's house about 3 1/2 hours late. I would have bet money that the meeting was at 6pm and never even looked twice at the time when I was double checking my directions. I pulled up and he just looked at me like I was crazy.

I have missed so many club activities this year due to work, and then pull something like that when I have been planning to attend for a month. Sorry I didn't make it guys. I think the age is getting to me already....hehe.

I will see you all at 7:00AM Sunday Morning willing to work.

plain 69 08-21-2006 10:24 AM

Well the meeting went pretty well. We all had plenty to eat that is for sure. Thanks to everyone that brought in the side dishes and thanks goes to Jerry and his family letting us use their place as well.

Here are some things but not all that were discussed.

Gem City is going out to the show site to mark off the area for the show this coming Friday at 6:00 p.m. They wanted a couple of us to be there as well but we had one volunteer Bill Beard.

Sunday everyone should be arriving around 7:00 a.m. or if you want a little earlier. I don't know if the gate will be open earlier though or not.

Everyone signed up for their particular duties.
Here are a few of the assignments.

Gate Keepers at the front gate.

Parking attendants for the show field and spectators.

Classification determiners.


Door Prizes.


I am currently putting together our registration sheets for the Chevelle classes since we are running the Chevelle class.

As far as Judging we are working in pairs. It will be best to have a very knowlegable person with each pair. Both judges will have judging sheets to turn in though.

When all the cars are in their particular classes we will be putting the appropriate number of judges to that class since it takes about 10 minutes or so to judge one car.

Sunday morning there will be coffee and donuts there and I think they will be about a quarter a piece.

The music should be playing at about 8:30-9:00 a.m. to signify we are ready.

Remember any tickets or door prizes that you have need to be brought to the show as well.

We stuffed around 160+ goodie bags as well.

Both clubs will be parking in the front rows only so that is where we will be parking our Chevelles.

If anyone runs into trouble with a participant don't stir it further get Shorty or Todd of Gem City Classics and they will try to remedy the problem. If not the Sherrif could be stopping by. So that way we don't get into any trouble or stir a big stink.

If you happen to see any kids touching the show cars please let them know not to do that.

This is great for the Spina Bifida fund and is big for our club as well. I have learned a lot already from helping Gem City with this show. Hopefully next year we can do the same and/or have our own show next year. I can see it takes a lot of money and work to start out.

It would be great to see some of the members we have not seen in a while. Even if you don't have your car ready or it is immobile for some reason or another. We can use all the judges we can get our hands on as well.

That is all I can think of now maybe the Prez can chime in with an email or something. He might have a couple new items.

RTaylor692 08-21-2006 01:53 PM

That sounds good. I will be there at 7:00 and you guys can put me anywhere except judging and classification. I don't know enough about the technicals to feel comfortable with either one.

Bowtie70SS 08-21-2006 09:09 PM

The main thing I have to say is that we need to show up in force. Even if you can't stay all day please be there. For those of you that surf this board and are in the area this is a great opportunity to come out and hang with the club. We can use all of the help we can get. The more people who work, the easier it is for all of us. Gem city has already done a great deal of work and it is up to us to help the rubber meet the road. Also those with reference manuals please bring them, it is better to have them and not need them than to have a question and have no point of reference. See you ALL Sunday.


SJS 08-21-2006 09:41 PM


What do you mean by reference manuals? ...your my reference manual! sorry but its true. All I have is the shop and overhaul books.


DG 08-21-2006 10:11 PM

I am hoping to have a good turn out for Scouts to run the food booth. So far it's coming together.

I did not sign up for anything because I assume the Scouts will keep me busy. And that is where the food is anyway. [img]smile.gif[/img]

We will have a Flag Group for the send off as well.


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