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72convertibless454 02-06-2007 08:51 AM

Autorama Crew

Well its 36 days away. I just talked with Ron & Lee Hietman, the show producers, last night. The space we requested is approved and he has received all of our entry forms. I need to explain a little bit how Autorama and ISCA works. Ron collects all the entry forms and payments for ISCA prior to the show. After the show is over, he hands over all of the checks and cash he received for ISCA entries. ISCA does not cash the check until about 30 days after the show is over. This is not a problem, I just wanted you to know why your checks are not getting cashed right away. Some of you paid me by cash. Since I did not want to send cash through the mail, I deposited the money and had my Credit Union and wrote a check for that amount. Unfortunately my credit union put a note on the check that it had to be cashed within 30 days. The Hietmans were very understanding and Mrs. Hietman told me she is sending me the check back so I can give them a new one the day of the show. I am telling you this because you should receive a letter from Autorama in a few weeks, Don't panic if it says "not paid" I'll take care of it the day of the show.

Your saying to yourself, whatever Mark - Just tell me when and what I need to do....


Since all of you did not attend the last club meeting I will give you a run down on the display and cars. I do not have the exact times for everything yet.

Display set up Wed March 14th.
We need to...
Lay down carpet
Put up curtain to separate front and back part of display
Put up 4' x 46' assembly line poster (thanks to Oliver signs and my nephew Charlie)
Set up Garage Door behind Ed's car
Set up stanchions and rope
Set up Street Signs
Set up display tables
Vacuum carpet
Set up screen and projector table
Set up posters for display
Unload Frame and Half Assembled car
Set up Manikins and Assembly line
I will post a check list the day of the set up so people can take on tasks. I think the following people will be there to set up on Wed.
Rick Meldrum, Charlie Meldrum, Joe Desmont, Mike Ely, Bryan Sarver and I hope Bob Filby, Larry Robison, & Ed Nichols. Let me know if you can make it.

Display set up Thursday March 15th
Unload cars
Position cars
Lay down yellow tape for assembly line
Test Projector and sound system
vacuum carpet
Clean cars.
I think the following people will be there to set up on Thursday
Joe Desmont, Bob Filby, Larry Robison, Ed Nichols, Carl Nichols, Shawn Muckleroy, Don Justice, Craig Youngblood, Tom Miller

Friday - I turn the display over to President Ed and his board of directors so we can promote our club. Then, Josh and I can get to work on making paper airplanes to win that **** truck WMMS always gives away at the show. Josh's truck just hit 100,000 miles and he will need something new to drive to College this fall.

The cars
Bryan (Encyclopedia of Chevelles)Sarver - Rolling Frame - set to go
Mike ( The fence man) Ely - half assembled 70 Chevelle - This car is at a body shop in Brooklyn and is supposed to be in paint by March 1st. - Our back up is Fred Swanson with a 1968 frame and motor which is nicely detailed.
Mark (Camshaft) Meldrum - 72 SS Chevelle The motor is at the engine builder today but is expected to be complete and tested this week
Don (Monkey Balls) Justice - 70 SS Chevelle has been repaired and ready for show - working on polishing trim pieces last we talked
Craig (The Omelet) Youngblood - 70 SS Chevelle ready for show - working on detailing the motor
Shawn ( The Band Man) Muckleroy 70 Malibu - ready for the show
Bob (The tired again )Filby - 70 Chevelle - Already got a trophy from the Canton Hot Rod Show this year - the car looks great!!!
Joe ( Mr. endless energy and Ideas) Desmont - 74 Chevelle - detailing the interior and engine compartment
Ken ( Money Man) Smith - 67 Malibu - ready for the show???
Ed (The Prez) Nichols 69 SS Chevelle - Same as Bob Filby
Larry (Chip Foose) Robison - Lets just say this one is going to be close. All the parts are ready to go - Assembly starts this week - I hope. Larry's son has a 69 Chevelle we will use as a back up car

Wil (its finally done) Shaniuk - I could not fit Wil and his Dad fit into our display but they are planning on showing the car at Autorama. We will try to get them close to our display.

Any questions???? Stay warm!!!! Thanks for your help. Hope you enjoy your new nicknames. I will post this on our forum so the rest of the members can check it out.

72convertibless454 03-26-2007 09:04 AM

Great job everyone!!!

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