August, 1999 Feature Car of the Month

Evelyn & Fred Gillis' '66 SS Chevelle

Evelyn and Fred Gillis are the proud owners of this Marina Blue '66 Super Sport that Evelyn has dubbed "Cupcaks". This is definitely one "sweet" Chevelle.

She was manufactured on June 9, 1966 at the plant in Atlanta, Georgia. From there sent to the Baltimore, Maryland plant for a short rest and then to Alleghany Motor Corporation in Covington, Virginia. There she caught the eye of a postal worker from Covington who took her home just a few days later. Through the years, there have been a total of nine owners, including the Gillis'. Six of the owners lived in various parts of Virginia, the other three in Maryland.

In August 1991, Willie Windsor, of Owings, MD, became the new owner. Willie originally bought the car for his son Dennis for transportation to and from school. Dennis reached a point where the car became too extraordinary to be used as a daily driver. He suggested his father takeover the car. With Willie's knowledge, expertise and love for the American Muscle Car, he restored her to what it is today. Once restoration was complete, Willie used the car for pure pleasure and tons of fun.

In the fall of '96, Willie decided it was time to sell and move on to other projects. Willie told a close friend, Kim Cogar, of his intentions of selling the car and made reference to an offer from a guy wanting to buy and export it to another country. Kim had a close friend, Evelyn, who she knew would be very interested in purchasing the car. Well, Kim told Evelyn that Willie was ready to sell. Evelyn knew of the car though the many conversations, pictures, and videotapes that Kim had obtained and showed her through the years. Evelyn knew right away that she wanted to own this beautiful '66. Now, she just had to convince her hubby, Fred, that the car was worth the investment. Since Fred had never heard of or even seen the car, Evelyn knew she had her hands full. More importantly, she would have to convince Fred to sell his conversion van to make the purchase. As you can see, Evelyn can be very convincing.

Under the hood is the original 396 Cubic Inch big block pumping out 325-horse power. An OEM 3140 4-barrel Holley on top of a cast iron Holley intake quenches the thirst of all these ponies. Deep inside the block is a Competition Summit cam topped with roller rockers. Compression is 10.25:1 (bored .030 over). The chrome valve covers and breather insures she's dressed perfectly for any occasion.

To assist in quickly catapulting all this horsepower down the road is a rock solid 2 speed powerglide tranny connected to a 12 bolt non-posi 3.31:1 rear. A set of headers and pipes (2 " to muffler, 2 " tail pipes) ensures the exhaust flows smoothly out the rear. Fifteen inch BF Goodrich radials mounted on Corvette Rally rims keeps this baby planted firmly on the pavement when Evelyn decides to "let her loose" a little.

Inside resides a black interior, complete with the original dash and door panels. The carpet, headliner and Strato bucket seats were restored to factory specs. In between the seats rests the center console with working clock and floor shifter. In the dash is a full set of factory gauges and an AM Radio.

Willie & Dennis Windsor prepared the body for finishing and then sent her over to Bill Bateman (also of Owings, MD). Bill meticulously applied the Dupont Marina Blue paint, topped with 4 coats of clear.

With a glass shine that blinds the eyes, it's easy to conceive why Evelyn and Fred have won so many awards with this beauty. One point they are extremely proud of is the fact that she is driven to EVERY show

Evelyn & Fred Gillis (#241)

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