February, 1996 Feature Car of the Month

Chuck Greason's 1972 Heavy Chevy

Can you remember the first time you saw your car? I can, as funny as it may be. During a visit to some family in Hazelton, PA, a bunch of us guys were driving around in my '71 Heavy. We happened upon Farrway Motors. Farrway was Hazelton's only Chevrolet dealership. Making a U-turn, I saw, out of the comer of my eye, an orange '72 Heavy Chevy in a field of grass about 2 feet deep. I frantically made a hole shot to get a closer look.

What I found was an all original Heavy nested among weeds. But there was a slight problem--the car was missing the SS hood. After talking to the owner, I later found out the hood was stolen four years previous. She convinced me this car ran and was driven up until the day the hood was stolen. So, with little more than a set of jumper cables, I brought the, car back to life . . . or so I thought.

At the time the car was equipped with a 350 2 barrel, 350 turbo, 10 bolt open rear, disc brakes, sport steering wheel, and bumper guards. The car ran great. We agreed on $400. After convincing my parents I had to have this car, I went back a week later.

Carrying a donor hood and enough spare parts for an army. I drove the car back 280 miles without a problem. I made one mistake during my deal to buy this car-I forgot to look inside of the trunk. When I got back to Baltimore, I found out the hard way . . . there was NO trunk! It was completely rusted out . . . but, nothing that a few stop signs and some fiberglass couldn't fix. That was back in September of '86. From then till November of '90, it was my daily driver. But, time took its toll.

I decided to restore the car and make it a Nice Daily Driver. It started out that way, but it soon turned out to be a show car. I had Essex Body & Paint install new quarter panels, outer wheel houses, trunk floor, frame braces, gas tank braces, bumper support, and repair the inner wheel houses. From that point, I did all mod work and even painted the car back to its original Flame Orange Metallic. It's driven to all shows and even won 1st place at the 1993 NCOA showdown in Greensboro, NC.

It now is upgraded with tach, cruise, factory gauge dash, AM/FM stereo, rear defog, cowl induction, posi, and 350-270 engine. Future plans call for an engine rebuild and back to 100% original stock appearance. The car is still driven as often as possible, even back and forth to work. I enjoy having something that no one else has. Only about 9500 '72's were built.

Chuck Greason (# 051)

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