June, 1996 Feature Car of the Month

Terry and Dottie Bolyard’s 1964 Malibu SS

When the opportunity to buy this car came up in November of 1991, Dottie was in Phoenix, AZ on business. I gave her a call saying, “I found this great car!” What could she say other than, “If that’s what you want, get it!”? I had been looking for a long time for exactly this kind of car and it did turn out to be a great car.

We bought our Chevelle from a dealer (Rick) we know in Virginia. We met him when we called about a 1964 Chevy II he had for sale. Thinking it might be what we were looking for, he gave us a call when he found this Chevelle. I virtually bought this car sight-unseen. This Chevelle was acquired from the original owner, given a new paint color (red, of course), and brought to the East Coast by Rick for us. We are the second titled owners. It is one of those cars that you don’t “have” to do anything with to make it look nice, but there are lots of things you can do, if you want to. We took delivery in February 1992.

Our Chevelle has a 283/220 - 4 barrel with a 2-speed powerglide transmission. (Yes, we know the fender “V’s” are wrong. We’ll get to it when it’s time for new paint.) Some of the other options on the Chevelle are power steering and factory in-dash air conditioning.

We have had the air conditioning overhauled, rebuilt the alternator, replaced the dual exhaust, replaced the suspension, and had the bumpers rechromed. As with all cars, we are always fixing, replacing, and updating to try and keep our Chevelle at its best. We are continually looking for replacement parts/chrome/etc. We are still looking for a good grill and hubcaps.

We have been showing this car since we tagged it in May 1992. We like driving this great little car whenever we can. We even take turns driving. It is always driven to the shows. The best part is all the great people we have met in the clubs we belong to and at the shows we go to. We can’t help having fun. “Terry the Bear” rides with us to all the shows. He likes the Chevelle so much that he never wants to get out of the car.

"Terry Bear's" Red Rider

Terry & Dottie, along with their "Terry Bear," take their gorgeus '64 red rider out to enjoy a peaceful day by the Chespeake Bay. Disturbed by the bellow of a tanker's horn....

...a sleeping giant is awakened! Hot, cranky, thirsty and hungry, "Terry Bear" grunts and growls, "Turn on the A/C in this thing! Get me six more cold ones and some turkey sandwiches before I eat this Chevelle whole! Tires and all!"

"Shut up, you drunk bear!" Terry growls back. "You've been nippin' -n- sippin' too much of my power steering fluid already...and you've probably been into the brake fluid, too! I'm tired of this hard steering and soft pedal! Now I've got to fix this, again! Go back and lie down, behave yourself, you old drunk Terry Bear!"

Terry & Dottie Bolyard
(# 128)
Davidsonville, MD

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