March, 2000 Feature Car

Frank Newmans 1972 Snow Covered Convertible

Frank Newman of Annapolis sent us these pictures of his covered up and snow buried red 1972 convertible. He, like the rest of us, would rather be top-down cruising around in his Chevelle instead of knocking the show off!

Enough all ready! Weve had enough snow! Chevelles were meant to be driven, and this ones ready to bust out and roll down the highway. With about another month of winter weather left, it wont be long until were all sweating it out up at the North East Community Park. Do you remember how hot it was?

With the snow cleared off, Frank covers his 72 back up and patiently waits for spring and summer top-down cruising. And as we all continue to dig out and slide around, just remember this: The Orioles Spring Training has begun, and the first day of spring is March 20th!

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