November/December, 2001 Feature Car of the Month

Dave Harrington’s 1967 Chevelle SS 396

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time, and Dave Harrington is no different. Back in 1981, gasoline prices were escalating and muscle car owners were selling off their thirsty big blocks and buying economy cars. And Dave came across this '67 SS 396 one day and the owner was doing just that. The big block Chevy ran OK, but the body and interior were rough and definitely needed attention! But the $400 purchase price made all that seem insignificant.

Dave used his SS as a daily driver for a couple of years, having fun burning some rubber and cruising around town. He even removed the console clock and used the hole as a "beverage" holder. Then in 1983 he stored it in his sister's yard and, after six years, she told him to find another place to store the heap because she was tired of looking at it. The '67 was then moved to a 10X14 storage shed Dave had in HIS back yard, where it stayed for eight more years.

A ground-up frame-on restoration began in 1987 where Dave performed most of the work himself, with the exception of the engine machine work and the application of the smooth Madeira Maroon paint. Eighteen months later, Dave's hard work was completed and a show-winning '67 was ready to hit the street. Oh yeah, he did reinstall the working console clock.

Lightly equipped, Dave's '67 includes a 396-350 big block, Muncie 4 speed, 373 12-bolt posi rear, manual drum brakes, manual steering, black bucket seats with console, and a black vinyl top. The Chevelle is also dressed with red-line tires and full wheel covers.

Now Dave's '67 only sees weekend duty where he enjoys taking it to shows. And Dave says he is not afraid to lay some rubber along the way! These cars were meant to be enjoyed.

Dave Harrington (#416)

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