The Driver's Seat

The world made it through Y2K! No mass hysteria, no major power failures, and no computer viruses of mass destruction. It turned out to be OK. And if you were lucky enough to celebrate the new year at an outdoor party, you were able to see some spectacular fireworks displays. But with the new millennium, there is one thing you can count on, and that’s change.

There is one change in front of you now, and that’s MCCNews. Although not a sweeping change, compare page one to a previous copy. Then look at pages two and three. We are also using a new copying service, so the pictures look better than before. If you have any other ideas, we are happy to listen.

Another change occurred at the January 8th MCC meeting at Steve’s Restaurant. We now have a Northern Coordinator. I’d like to welcome Forrest Henley and thank him for stepping up to fill that important position. The northern area now has a voice in club activities. Feel free to contact Forrest with any concerns or activities the MCC would be interested in. MCC Officer information is on page two.

A new activity has been added to the MCC Calender of Events. The Maryland Chevelle Club will sponsor it’s first Saturday Night Car Cruise at the Big M on Saturday, July 29th. Open to all cruisers, there will be “preferred Chevelle parking”, prizes, and awards for some lucky cruisers. There is a sponsored cruise at the Big M almost every Saturday night, and this is another way we can promote the MCC in the northern area. I look forward to a fun time and a great event with MCC Members!

Oh yeah, if you haven’t already noticed, no officer elections were held at the last meeting. After some discussion, it was decided to move the elections to a well attended meeting AFTER the MCC Show. The most-attended meeting is the annual picnic and crab feast in August. This event will become the “Annual Meeting” where officer elections will be held. By moving the elections, this will enable the current sitting president to work on and follow through the MCC Show completely and see it to the end. By the time August rolls around, the show is over, the expenses have been paid, the thank-you letters have been sent, and most loose ends have been tied, thereby allowing a NEW officer to start with a clean slate. If you want to make a change, consider running for office. You have eight months to think of a plan.

MCC Member Luis Caceres has changed the country that he lives in. A member of the Armed Forces, he is currently stationed in Gaeta, Italy with his family. We correspond by E-mail and Luis has told me some interesting things. Over 40% of an Italian’s income goes to paying taxes. Gasoline is well over $4 a gallon. Nearby unlimited internet access is $88/month, but not available in Italy. Right now, he pays for the local call and has time constraints placed on him. Unlike us, Luis can’t surf the web all day. In two years, he will be able to change his address back to the USA. Luis, we wish you were here also!

My favorite junk yard is “For Sale”. The current owner has placed it on the real estate market and is leaving the business. Although I have NO WHERE NEAR the funds to buy the business, I sure would like to change my profession. I’d offer MCC Members discounts on purchases, although there aren’t many Chevelles in the field. At last count, there was two 1970 Chevelles, one 1973 Chevelle, one 1968 wagon, and quite a few ‘78 to ’87 Malibus and El Caminos. I even found the owner’s “stash” of his favorites, including three 1955 Chevys, one ‘57 Chevy Convertible, a ’57 Bel Air, a 1969 Olds 442, a 1973 Nova SS, and a 1970 Mach 1. The tri-five cars are beyond repair, but the others are “repairable”. But this guy knows their value and won’t give them away. If you are in to New Muscle, there are three Monte Carlo SS’s, an IROC Z, many 3rd-generation Z28’s, and other assorted stuff by other manufacturers. I love going there!

Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but many people resist it because many dislike change. Let us know what you think about MCC, how we can make the MCC Show better, and anything else that can make your MCC experience better. You might be surprised that we DON’T turn a deaf ear to your ideas and we’re not afraid to change for the better!

I’m counting down the days to warm “cruising weather”!


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