The Driver’s Seat (Part 4)

Some Guys, Some Girls, and Their Chevelle
The story of a certain Lemans Blue 1969 Chevelle Super Sport

Rescued from cinder blocks in a back yard, the SS has been pressed into some SERIOUS daily-driver duties. Now the worn out hulk awaits a NEW fate! .

Gary’s parents were surprised to see Jo pull up to their drive way in her roll-back to tow the Chevelle away. They had never seen a woman tow truck operator before, much less one that worked for a junk yard! After she loaded the Chevelle onto the roll back, they handed over the title and watched as the Chevelle was hauled down the road never to see it again.

Jo had her own plans for this Chevelle. “Ain’t no way this one’s going into the yard,“ she said to herself. Her plans were a mechanical and body overhaul to make the SS a nice cruiser and an occasional show car. She always wanted a 1969 Chevelle SS and what better Chevelle than the FREE one on the back of her truck. .

Jo had a great reputation as an excellent auto mechanic. She pulled the drive train out of the Chevelle and rebuilt the 350 small block with a few go-fast goodies. The Turbo 350 received an extensive overhaul including a shift kit. While the drive train was removed, she scrubbed the filthy engine compartment and detailed it with some Krylon Spray Bombs. The undercarriage received the same treatment while the original 12 bolt posi was out of the car. The suspension received new bushings, ball joints, and steering components and the brakes system received a thorough overhaul.

With the mechanicals taken care of, it was time to work on the body. Almost every body panel needed some sort of attention, whether it was rust repair or dent removal. Never learning body work, Jo sought advise from people she worked with. Although they meant well, she didn’t receive the “best” advise. Her co-worker Mike welded in some quicky patch-panels over the bigger rust holes in the trunk, floors, front fenders, and quarter panels. When he completed the surgery, Mike told her to get lots of putty and fiberglass matting to “smooth” over the body work. It took lots of time and patience, and filler, but she finally covered over the rust repair. She borrowed a paint gun and primed the body. It wasn’t exactly straight, but at least there were no more gaping wholes in the body. She fired it up and took it to MAACO to have it painted Corvette Yellow, her favorite color! .

Upon completion, she brought the refurbished Chevelle back to her shop to complete it’s overhaul. Not having lots money left for the project, she reused some of the good trim and replaced the trim in poor shape with items from other Chevelles in the yard. A good scrubbing and some seat covers from Pep Boys completed the overhaul. Jo’s Chevelle was just the way she wanted it. Now it was time to show off the fruits of her labor. The Chevelle was once again cruising to all of the local hang-outs and participating in some grudge matches on the street. .

Jo entered the yellow Chevelle into it’s first Sunday car show. The excitement was hard to contain, especially when the awards ceremony began. The excitement quickly changed to disappointment when she didn’t win a trophy. In fact, Jo never won a trophy at any car show she entered. Finally getting enough courage, she asked one of the judges his advise on how to improve the Chevelle to make it a winner. He complimented her on what was done right, but broke her heart when he pointed out the Chevelle’s short-comings. The body needed MORE work and the interior, well, those seat covers HAD to go!

Feeling heartbroken, Jo left and drove the nearest gas station to fill the tank. There, she met James, who fell in love with her car. After making her an offer of $2500 for the Chevelle, Jo handed over the keys and, eventually, the title. As James drove off later that day in the yellow ‘69, Jo realized that she would need a better foundation to build an award-winning show car. The next ‘69 would be in BETTER SHAPE!

As James drove his new acquisition home, plans for a complete frame-off restoration were buzzing in his mind. After all, he practically STOLE this Super Sport. He read in the “Wall Street Journal” that old muscle cars were great investments. His hope was this one would be easy to restore!

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