Maryland Chevelle Club History
Part 2

In last month's newsletter, a history of the MCC's inception in 1984 to its second chance in 1988 was published. We left off with coverage of the Sept. 20, 1988 meeting, which was the first meeting we kept meeting minutes. This is part two in a series.

The first official MCC meeting was held on Saturday, October 1, 1988 at 7 PM at Don Ayers' house in Baltimore, MD. It began with an introduction of all charter members in attendance. Rick Eckenrode was the club secretary and kept the meeting minutes, thus beginning our record keeping process. Members attending were: Don & Dawn Ayers with a '71 SS convertible, Phil Krach with a '64 SS convertible, Len Melpignano with a '68 Malibu, a Chevelle-less David Ayers, Wil Kenneman with a '65 Malibu, Bob Wilcox with a '68 SS and a '69 SS race car, Joe Bush with a '67 SS, '66 300, '65 El Camino, Cliff (?) with a '67 ElCamino, Dale Ayers with a '71Malibu, Rick Eckenrode with a '69 SS, Bill Mcgowan with a '66 SS, and John & Patti Seaton with a '64 SS convertible.

Topics of discussion ranged from employment and the demise of leaded gasoline to the "unfair judging practices" at some car shows. Plans for the first ever MCC Chevelle Show were finalized at this meeting. The show was to be held on Sunday, October 30, 1988 at 12 PM at Oregon Ridge. Subsequent Mid-Atlantic Chevelle Shows require many more months of planning, but this show was simply a "gathering of Chevelles and their owners." At this point, the MCC had 18 active members.

The first MCC Newsletter was published as a December, 1988 issue. It highlighted the first meeting and the first annual show. An interesting fact to know was the MCC was NOT charging dues at this time. The club was bankrolled by contributions and 50/50 raffles. Expenses included the club banner, postage, paper, advertising, and copying newsletters.

At the beginning of his presidential term, Don's message was:

This is YOUR club and it will exist only if EVERYONE participates.
We want this to be a happy club!
Where ever we may be, everyone should have a good time!

That statement is still true today!

The next MCC business meeting was held in Columbia, MD at Roys Place Too. Bi-laws, written by Phil Krach, were read and approved. In addition, membership approved a motion to charge yearly dues of $15 to cover club expenses. The second newsletter was published containing meeting minutes, classified adds, calender of events, and Rick Eckenrode's '69 SS 396 as the monthly feature car. Bob Wilcox's '68 SS was next to be featured, but Bob forgot to send in a write-up, and was chastised for doing so at this meeting! Now you know the rest of the story!

The May-June newsletter was produced on a new word processor and was no longer the product of an antique type-writer. The newsletter featured the MCC logo and the NCOA logo on the front. Membership had swelled to 37 active members. MCC club hats were offered for sale and meetings were held at several local cars shows, weather permitting. We no longer held meetings inside when it was so nice outside!

As 1989 drew to a close, membership climbed to 54 Chevelle enthusiasts. Our second Mid-Atlantic Show was a resounding success, considering it was the first year held at the Big "M" Drive-In in Churchville, Maryland. The MCC became an established and an accredited car club this year, receiving our first club participation award at Supreme Chevy Sunday and a write-up in the Chevelle Report. The MCC newsletter began featuring tech articles submitted by members.

Next month we will begin coverage of the 90's. Newsletter presentation improved and membership still continued to climb. More and more MCC members took their Chevelles to national car shows and many members had pictures published in national publications. Other local car clubs wanted to include the MCC in their plans and activities. And the Mid-Atlantic Chevelle Show and Swap meet evolved into a major regional show.

Editor's note: This series is made possible by the fragmented memories of some of our original members. Thanks to all!

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